One of the current members moved away from our fair city to another one just close enough to drive.  The drive, long and tedious, was made by three of us and Keith and Bob rode together.  The book was ‘A Man Called Ove’ and Keith watched the movie on Amazon Prime on the way up.  Kept him quiet for awhile.

The evening was foggy, the scotch bright, the company awesome.

View from a balcony.


Gentle Readers;

In 2004 the Scotch Drinkers Book Club (SDBC) read a book by Elmore Leonard, one of my favorite authors.

Here are copies of our correspondence.

The letter to Mr. Leonard. And his kind reply.  Note that his typewriter was “in for repairs.” Lucky for us; we got a handwritten reply!

Well, champagne was poured for Bob who turned 60 and he was given a beautiful Ravenscroft decanter for scotch and a bottle of Laphroaig 10 year Cask Strength which is his favorite.

Congratulations to Tim on his impending nuptials!  We all got to meet the beautiful bride to be and were delighted.

Mike hobbled to the book club having had a few weeks or more of recuperation from getting hit by a pickup truck while riding his bicycle.  A few broken ribs, a gash here and there, and a nasty bruise to his bike.

Thanks to Dr. Wellington for being our Occasional Guest.


What a treat to have the author, Andrew Jefford, join us via Skype from France. We had to adjust the time to start at 4:30pm Indiana time to make it 10:30 for Mr. Jefford. I chose the book and was glad to see that most everyone enjoyed it. The comments were “Oh no…sounds like a boring whisky book talking about how to make whisky.” That in fact was only less than one chapter really. The rest was very well written and broken up by individual chapters on each of the 7 (now 8) Islay distilleries. I think we all learned a lot about Islay and its whiskies as well as the history behind the peaty island. Made most of the members want to go back and gave me a good preparation for my trip there in a few weeks.

A great book, a Bowmore 12, and good friends.

Last book club, Friday, March 9th 2012, we interviewed the author, Andrew Jefford, of the book “Peat Smoke and Spirit” which is now out of print.

Jefford is contributing editor to Decanter magazine, to which he has contributed for over 20 years, and appears as a monthly columnist and feature writer, as well as tasting on Decanter panels.

Andrew Jefford has won many awards for his work, the latest of which is Best Drink Book from the Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards for Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course, published in the UK by Ryland, Peters & Small.

He has just spent 15 months in Australia as a senior research fellow at Adelaide University and wine writer in residence to the Wine 2030 Research Network, and he is currently writing a book on Australia’s wine landscape and terroirs based on his time there.

He is chairman of the Languedoc-Roussillon panel at the Decanter World Wine Awards and is a featured presenter of masterclasses for Decanter Education.


An email from one of the Gentlemen (Chris) of the club.


The author of Peat Smoke and Spirit has agreed to join us via skype for our next book club. The only problem is that he is in France (and therefore 6 hours ahead of us). What are your thoughts about doing a short discussion with him on skype but it would have to occur a bit earlier than our usual 7:00pm starting time?

The interview was great.  First, the Skype connection worked perfectly.  Second, Mr. Jefford was very engaging and answered all of our questions.  I did not time the call but I would say it lasted about an hour.  Much of his experience that ended up in the book but some didn’t.  These were the tidbits we were looking for.  I would tell you all about them but I have been sworn to secrecy by too much scotch.