The Occasional Guests


Sometime around five years ago, I was invited to attend the Scotch Drinkers book club. I remember it was a dark and snowy night (my apologies to Sir Bulwer-Lytton) and the club that night was meeting at Mike's house. I wasn't sure what to expect but knowing the men involved, I was looking forward to a lively discussion on the book du jour, Watership Down by Richard Adams. The meeting started with the gentlemen singing what they call a song, I call it something else, which was followed by scotch. I have no idea what type of scotch it was, but I do remember it was wonderful. The discussion started. What happened? I read a book about rabbits, the club members read a book about politics and war. WTF? Did we not read the same book? It wasn't until Mike started using the rabbits term for defacation that I realized we had indeed read the same book. I had to shift gears and look at the book from their manly-man perception and was then able to get into the spirit of it. And a spirited conversation it was. I was intrigued and in awe of how they looked at the book and thoroughly enjoying myself.....right up until a light dinner was served. Hasenpfeffer. Rabbit Stew. But overall it was an incredible experience and I believe I will write to Oprah about this club.



I guess I would start off by saying that thanks to my good friend Mich, I was invited to attend a gathering of the Scotch Drinkers Book Club, a better group of guys would be hard to find. And to my added pleasure I was invited back on several occasions, with the special honor of choosing what was probably the worst book to have ever been read in the history of the SDBC, good thing they rate the scotch and only discuss the book! But we did have a nice evening of camping and the scotch always helps keep the night mellow.

I visited the web site and thought it was nice, with the suggestions on how to start your own book club, drawn from your own experience, was very thoughtful. But I do have to comment that I saw no mention of the SDBC song, it would be nice to see that at the site, and if you could somehow get the tune that would be really cool!

Anyway I guess that's about all I have, other than thanking all the guys for treating me so great as an occasional guest in the SDBC.