Chris and Burns Night

So it all started with the very first Burns Night on January 26, 2007.  Yes, this was right before I joined the Book Club
for my first time February 16, 2007 at Mic's house.  So needless to say the real scotch drinker's weren't in attendance in full at the first meeting save for Mic who was there since that's who I knew and who invited me to join the club.

This party is to celebrate the birth of the national bard of Scotland, Robert Burns, who was born January 25, 1759 in Alloway, Scotland.  So this year's party was the 250th celebration of the anniversary of his birth.  He is best known for Auld Lang Syne which everyone knows as the song
we sing at New Year's.  

We also try to incorporate some reading of his poems.  Most recently it has been recited by The Professor (aka Keith).  This year we have a professional trumpeter play that song.  Natalie always prepares a wonderful feast with authentic scottish fare with a russian twist.  I always make a trip downtown to MacNiven's restaurant for the haggis (in a can), Irn Bru, and scotch eggs.

The scotch always flows a plenty. I believe the first Burns Night celebration had around 35 different bottles of both blends and single malt scotches.

Year two brought the number closer to 50. This year the tally of unique scotches was, if I recall, 73. I am shooting for 100....maybe someday. We'll see
about 2010.

It usually is a relatively small gathering (as opposed to the Derby Party) of 12-16 people.  Those rare souls who are able to survive past midnight are usually rewarded by a trip to the basement for a wee dram of some rare and unique single malt that I have stashed down in the cellar.  Always a good time.

So there you have it, a bit of history about Burns Night as celebrated in my home.  The book club is obviously an integral part now of this gathering.  It is a tradition

that will continue through the ages and all started from scotch and literature, much like the book club.  Slainte!

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